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Using the Yamaha MOTIF XS with Snow Leopard

I recently upgraded my laptop to Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, and discovered that my mLAN driver (which connects my system to the XS 8 over firewire) no longer worked. (This would also apply to the MOTIF XS 6 or 7 with the optional firewire card.)

It appears that Yamaha is replacing the mLAN driver with something called the “Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver”. I don’t know if the new driver does everything that mLAN does, but I just need to connect my DAW with this keyboard for now.

Here’s what I did to get things working:

Warning: The firmware updates on this page can permanently damage your MOTIF if Yamaha’s instructions are not followed carefully, or if the update process is interrupted by power loss, cable disconnection, etc. Make sure everything is plugged into a UPS and don’t do anything stupid. The author will not he held responsible for anything that happens following this guide. Proceed at your own risk.

1. Make sure your MOTIF XS OS Firmware is at least 1.10 or later before starting.

As of the time of this writing, the latest available OS firmware is 1.55, which you can download here under the title “MOTIF XS OS Updater V1.55”

Please follow the directions carefully if you need to update your firmware. (If your firmware is 1.10 or later, you don’t need to upgrade to 1.55 at this step.)

2. Upgrade your MOTIF XS Firewire firmware to 1.07 or later. This is necessary to support the new “Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver”. This updater can be found here under the title “IEEE1394 Firmware Updater Ver.1.07 for Mac OS X”

Please follow the directions carefully if you need to update. The updater application will show you what version you have before you start the update.

3. After the Firewire firmware update has successfully installed and you have restarted your MOTIF, you need to change a setting on the MOTIF. This can be accessed by pressing [UTILITY], [F1 / General], [SF4 / AutoLoad]. Change the “IEEE1394 Driver” setting to “FW”. You will need to press [STORE] and then restart the MOTIF.

4. Install the “Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver” software, which can be downloaded here under the title “Yamaha Steinberg FW Driver V1.1.0 for Mac OS X”.

5. It’s probably a good idea to restart your Mac. The new driver has a control application located in /Applications/Yamaha.

At this point the basic functionality should be working. You may also want to download updates to Yamaha’s utility applications, like Studio Manager, XS Editor, Steinberg DAW Extensions, etc.

This would also be a logical time to consider upgrading the MOTIF XS OS firmware to the latest version, as described in step 1. Remember to back up ALL the user content on the MOTIF to a USB drive first!

Posted by Kevin H. Patterson - 2009-11-25 08:45.
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Don't try this at home...

kevpattkhp: hey
kevpattkhp: HEY!!!
kevpattkhp: hey, when you see this, I have a story to tell you that will blow your mind
kevpattkhp: brb
adamreiswig: ok
adamreiswig: blow my mind :-)
adamreiswig: kaboom, they set us up the bomb :-):-)
kevpattkhp: you there?
kevpattkhp: so this time I set myself up the bomb
adamreiswig: yeah, what happened?
kevpattkhp: this has to be the all-time stupidest thing I've ever done to a computer
kevpattkhp: This even tops you plugging in the power cable to my HD upside down...
adamreiswig: oooh, now you have my attention :-)
adamreiswig: :hahahahaha
kevpattkhp: remember I told you I was contemplating flashing a beta bios?
adamreiswig: oh brother, I warned you !!!!!
kevpattkhp: yeah, you did
adamreiswig: moron :-)
kevpattkhp: well I had 2 different bioses
kevpattkhp: 1.02 (non-beta) and 1.02b (beta)
kevpattkhp: my system was running 1.01
kevpattkhp: I had downloaded the 2 new ones from tyan's ftp site.
kevpattkhp: anyway...
kevpattkhp: I took your advice and decided not to use the beta version
adamreiswig: ok
kevpattkhp: so I got myself a Win98/DOS boot disk and proceeded to flash
kevpattkhp: while the flash program was reading the rom file from the disk I noticed a model number in the file name ... 2875
kevpattkhp: I thought "that
adamreiswig: uh huh
kevpattkhp: is strange... I thought my mobo was a 2885"
kevpattkhp: and then the flash procedure was done
kevpattkhp: and my system rebooted
kevpattkhp: for the very last time
kevpattkhp: :-(
adamreiswig: oh no
adamreiswig: oh my goodness
adamreiswig: no way of fixin it?
kevpattkhp: a visit back to tyan's site (with my laptop) confirmed this
kevpattkhp: there is no 1.02 for my mobo, only 1.01
adamreiswig: oh brother
kevpattkhp: Anyway, it would not do anything. No beeps, buzzes, boot, video, sound, nothing. Just a power led and total utter silence.
adamreiswig: surely, tyan can help or something
kevpattkhp: now does that top you frying my HD or what?
adamreiswig: yeah, that stupid hard drive only cost me around $40
kevpattkhp: well I went to their support site and they had 2 outfits that will sell you a new BIOS chip
kevpattkhp: cost is about $30... not too bad I guess, except I would want it shipped overnight cause I wanted to bring my system out this weekend.
kevpattkhp: So that would be more like $50
kevpattkhp: but then I started thinking...
kevpattkhp: this is what will blow your mind
kevpattkhp: btw, did have you ever done a bad flash?
adamreiswig: nope
kevpattkhp: well I made a home-brew chip puller out of a paperclip, and pulled the bad bios chip off my mobo
adamreiswig: yeah?
kevpattkhp: and I thought to myself "how can I reprogram this thing"
adamreiswig: oh brother
kevpattkhp: Then it came to me.
adamreiswig: only you :-)
kevpattkhp: The student Casey, just built an AthlonFX-51 system that is somewhat similar to mine
adamreiswig: same mb?
kevpattkhp: I know the BIOSes look almost the same and they are both Opteron-style systems
kevpattkhp: no different mobo.
adamreiswig: please don't tell me you killed his too??!?!?!?!?
kevpattkhp: Mine is Tyan K8W dual-opteron with AMD8000 chipset, his is ASUS SK8N single-opteron with nForce3 chipset
kevpattkhp: hahaha
kevpattkhp: the "midas touch"
kevpattkhp: This was my plan:
adamreiswig: oh.....my.....goodness.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kevpattkhp: His bios chip was probably very similar to mine
adamreiswig: this has got to be your finest hour hahahahahahahahahahaha
kevpattkhp: I could reprogram mine in his system, except his system would of course not boot up with my chip installed
kevpattkhp: so this is what I did:
kevpattkhp: we booted up his system normally (untouched) to my boot floppy
kevpattkhp: THEN, with the power on, we PULLED OUT his BIOS chip and popped mine in
kevpattkhp: and then I ran the flash program off the floppy
kevpattkhp: :-)
kevpattkhp: unbelievably enough, the flash program seemed to work properly, and rebooted his system when it was donw
adamreiswig: you are such an idiot, imho
kevpattkhp: of course I killed the power immediately so his system would not try to boot off my bios
kevpattkhp: then put his back in and powered it on...
kevpattkhp: (smoke test)
adamreiswig: holy cow
kevpattkhp: well it seemed to start up normal (with his chip back in place) except it said "BIOS Checksum incorrect"
kevpattkhp: and it was trying to do some auto-recovery flash procedure asking for a floppy....
kevpattkhp: I was starting to get scared, but honestly, I was glad it was working at all
kevpattkhp: anyway I couldn't see how his flash chip could have been damaged (other than pulling it from his mobo with the power on)
kevpattkhp: so we power-cycled the system a couple times
kevpattkhp: and I re-seated the chip in its socket
kevpattkhp: then it went back to normal and seemed to work fine
kevpattkhp: just for good measure, we flashed his bios with a new CORRECT version for his motherboard and loaded new CMOS settings
kevpattkhp: he booted into windows and everything seemed normal
kevpattkhp: what a relief
kevpattkhp: anyway... so now I had my old chip which MIGHT be correctly programmed for my system again...
adamreiswig: you are soooo unbelieveable :-)
kevpattkhp: so I took it back to my house and popped it into my mobo
adamreiswig: why is your pc answeing the phone??
Posted by Kevin H. Patterson - 2008-02-18 18:41.
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First Post

Welcome to my new site. It’s based on TextPattern, plus extra goodness.

Posted by Kevin H. Patterson - 2008-02-17 15:11.
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